Sunday, July 31, 2011

All's Well at M Wells

This past weekend, I paid a visit to a local diner in my neighborhood, M Wells. M stands for "Magasin," which means "store" in French.

I took the liberty of taking photos of the menu at M Wells because I can't seem to find any online. This is the current menu as of the date of posting (2011-07-31). M Wells's website has no menu online either. So here it is.

First the breakfast menu:

The breakfast drink clipboard:

The dinner menu:

The egg and potato hash (with ratatouille):
Chicken fried steak with hand-cut fries and gravy:
Tortilla española (the "special stuff" of the day was duck hearts, then monkfish. My friend opted for neither.) It comes, topped with two huge slabs of bread.
Egg souffle. Delicious and creamy. The bonito provided great umami contrast to the egg:
The diner itself is set in a long and slightly awkward space. It's a mishmash of communal tables, small booths, and counter seating. There is no definite waiting area so you can find yourself waiting in the middle of a busy throughway.

Might come back for a sandwich or something. I'm not sure if this counts as real Québécois cuisine as I have no grounding in that, but it was certainly interesting. Maybe next time I'll order the "Tripe Shot."

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