Friday, August 5, 2011

Broiled giant oysters at Imperial Seafood Palace

You know the old adage that states that oysters are best in months that end in the letter 'r'? Recently I had an oyster which blew my mind, and it was in May. Surprised? I was too...

I was dining in Flushing, New York, at one of the best Cantonese restaurants in the tri-state area. The restaurant is called "Imperial Seafood" which received a rave review in the NYTimes in late 2009.

While the review says that one of the best dishes to get is the Dungeness crab steamed with glutinous rice, I contest that the giant broiled oysters are even better. They are the largest oysters I've ever had, by far.

the broiled oyster, with rice noodles, XO, scallion, and chili

We ordered one per person, at $3 a pop. Not bad a price. I can eat three at most, and I consider myself a big eater. We got them broiled, with rice noodles, XO, scallion, and chili. You can ask for them any other way -- they will gladly suggest a dozen different cooking styles.

The oysters are not for beginners. They are rich, heavy, and delicious. The spicy garlicky sauce complements the richness perfect. The noodles cut the heaviness of the oysters, just a tiny bit. It eases the pleasures of heaven a little, like that's even necessary!

Even my grandma seemed to enjoy them.


Imperial Seafood Palace
136-13 37th Avenue (Main Street)
Flushing, Queens
(718) 939-3501.

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